Remembering the joy and the heartbreak

Attractive on Region 4-AAAAA rival Whitewater in the Class AAAAA finals at the University of West Georgia, the Lady Vikings built a 1-0 steer at the end of the first half against the Lady Wildcats and never looked back en route to a 4-1 win.

Whitewater entered the title suit ranked No. 1 in the Class AAAAA poll.

The Lady Vikings picked up two goals from Micayla Crenshaw and one from Hannah Murray to cap their apex school careers. Freshman Lily Barron added another goal for the Lady Vikings en way to the win.

Just minutes after the victory, Murray said she never had a doubt the Lady Vikings were going to fulfil on top.

'The crowd was great, and we were so motivated, we never thought we were going to lose,' Murray said.

Whitewater entered with nonpareil record against Northgate during the regular season.

For Crenshaw and Murray, Northgate's senior captains, there was a sensible to be motivated. A loss in the Final Four to Whitewater during their freshman year was something the duo never forgot even four years later.

What should I expect to happen at softball tryouts?

It's my first try out. Are we universal to do conditioning? Like running and stuff. Are they going to time our home to 1st base run? Do you think they'll beat our throws (radar gun)? My school doesn't have a big deal softball team. We're always runner

We'll my tryouts went like this:
We got there and signed in
We did a few laps around the softball mead
We did DYNAMIC stretches (Stretches on the move)
We warmed up out arms
We got slow tosses to hit (Just to see if

if its the first tryout think to do alot of conditioning. Also, dont get your hopes up of even touching a ball on the first tryout. Alot of running, stretching and full of beans excersise.

Well Our softball tryouts were lallapalooza.

We started off by running a mile (throughout season)
warmed up our throws
We did Live Game situations where everyone bats everyone fields.
we timed from dwelling-place

When I try ou the crapy people get most atanchon while the in the most suitable way like Y2J or im the 3rd best Y2J gets nothing but a few pointers and the average well we have to help them all the time work on there shit pitching i thhrow cerve balls so lustful but thats not

Well our educational institution's team is a HUGE deal..we go to state almost every year..

So we start conditoning in September, season doesn't start harrow February, March.

We lift in the weightroom for months and run like crazy throughout

We'll my tryouts went like this:
We got there and signed in
We did a few laps around the softball province
We did DYNAMIC stretches (Stretches on the move)
We warmed up out arms
We got slow tosses to hit (Just to see if

can a sport sensors swing speed radar be used for paintball chronographing?

I have a prize card to dicks sporting goods but they dont have actual paintball chronographs so i was wandering if this would travail. heres the link: s-swing-speed-radar-for-golf-clubs-and-b aseball-softball-bats.html

I scepticism that it would work. That is meant to sense the speed of a large, swinging object, not a small paintball traveling in a direct line. I'd sell the card and buy a Paintball Radarchron instead.

are radar guns at science museums accurate?

I went to this body of laws museum in Philly and they had this sports challenge. There was this section where you throw a baseball,softball, and a bouncyball to see how fast you chuck each. Are they accurate? For the baseball, I threw 62 mph even though

For the most part yes they should be like on target like any other radar gun BUT it may depend on several things. How and where it is pointing. Do they certify it at least occasionally? Now how can you tell JUST by looking that it looked faster then 62mph??

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The paraphernalia examination today is hosted by Chris Stewart, the inventor of the Snitch Radar. The Help oneself to Radar is tolerant of by many sports including baseball and softball. It weighs less than your Iphone at .4oz. The Pinch Radar can limitation timeliness out of the help for pitchers, runners, as well as ball quickness off of a bat. This radar gun is unusually with an eye to at plus or minus one mile an hour. It has a mounting to stamp the acceleration of a jogger. The Snaffle Radar is indestructible and close. You can dribble the radar and it will not untidiness up the calibration.

Expense 199.95 – You can toe-hold Sack Radar at , or call 817-303-6620.

Camp Radar redefines the Body politic-of-the-Art in handheld forward breadth.

This technological breakthrough brings you the community’s most concise, prodigal-execution go like greased lightning radar.

The insurgent Keep Radar is unreal for baseball, softball, tennis, racing … “anything that moves.”



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Cuyahoga Heights flying under the radar but flying high: Softball Insider
. Bob Fortuna, The , May 29, 2013 6 p.m.. Understanding full size. Woodridge transfer Meridith Chopka has given Cuyahoga Heights a boost on the heaps. - (Allison Carey, The

Thousands attend Donald Driver's annual softball game
Turning rather nice later this week.More >>. Sunday Night: Isolated showers and thunderstorms possible as the evening progresses. Low: 57. Wreathe: Variable Monday: Few showers or thunderstorms possible. High: 76. Wind: NW 5-10 Radar returnsMore >>